Night time cat rescue

Another successful cat rescue in Wilmslow, this time in the dark. The moggy was perched 5 meters out on a rotten branch, 15 meters up a mature Ash tree. Since our last cat rescue, it seems the feline community have embraced the media age… and are now happy to pose for photos!

Pete Duckworth with Rupert the cat

Above: Pete Duckworth and the liberated Rupert.

Cat Rescue in Wilmslow!

Sometimes, we can leave the chainsaw in the van! The call came through – a kitten stuck up a 35m Redwood tree in Wilmslow – children distressed – can we help? Arundel to the rescue. The tree was sizeable, and the only way to get at the scared moggy was to climb.
The tree in question
Ropes were prepared,  bag at the ready.

Fifty five minutes later – success! Pete had abseiled back down with the kitten safely secured in a rucsac. One repatriated cat, several happy children, and another satisified client. (Can you believe – we didn’t manage to grab a photo of the kitten. Rest assured, the little cute critter is now safely back where he belongs!)
Ropes at the ready
Pete Duckworth getting his kit on
Still a way to go

Happy kids
Happy client thanking Pete Duckworth