Our Services

What We Offer

With over 25 years in the industry, we provide exceptional tree, forestry and landscaping services for the North West. 

From emergency tree removals through to regular grounds maintenance, we can help you no matter how large or small the job. With our friendly, professional and competitive service, the majority of the people we work with go on to become repeat customers with us.

All of our tree work adheres to the latest safety protocols, is fully insured and all felling waste is removed from site.

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Tree Felling

Our tree surgeons are highly skilled and know how to achieve your desired result. We take in to account the tree’s health (including any possible diseases), its local environment and your specification, in order to achieve the best result.


Stump Removal

We can remove any tree stump, leaving no trace of the original tree. We use the latest stump grinding machines which allow us to deal with all stumps. This will free up the original tree location so that it can be utilised for other needs such as re-planting and turfing.

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Tree Reductions & Shaping

Sometimes a tree just needs a little tidying up. We can advise on how your tree can start looking at it’s best again, and how after reshaping, it will then grow in a predictable way so that it keeps its new shape.


Tree Thinning

Thinning is similar to reshaping, however with thinning we remove mostly secondary branches from within the crown. This has several advantages including allowing more light through, improving the tree's health and giving a better appearance.


Tree Pruning

We can remove any problematic branches, for example; those which present a possible danger, those which are diseased or insect infested, or any branches containing dead wood.


Sectional Dismantling

When dismantling we systematically remove a tree in areas of limited space. Canopies are removed first before the tree trunk is felled and lowered in sections, carefully and safely.


Site Clearance

We can remove all trees, hedges and anything else in preparation for changing the primary use of the land e.g. house building


Inspections, TPO Consultations & Insurance Reports

We offer a broad spectrum of consultation and reporting, including but not limited to: assisting in planning applications, dealing with tree preservation/conservation orders and mortgage, legal and insurance related inspections and reports.